Maintenance of Way

From the trackbed up, Starfire offers expert, innovative solutions to meet the needs of the railroad industry. Starfire has experience designing new Maintenance of Way equipment as well as assisting Equipment manufacturers with designs. Starfire’s experience with Track and Bridge engineering has assisted a number of clients with track maintenance, new industrial installations, design of track componentry, and work on both timber and steel bridges.

Ballast Plow Engineering Support

Starfire assisted a client with the design of an innovative Ballast Plow for use on Ballast Cars. Using state of the art Finite Element Analysis tools, Starfire optimized the design for durability and long life. Starfire Designers helped design an automated plow deployment system and assisted the manufacturer in overcoming problems associated with track geometry irregularities and premature wear of plow blades. The Ballast Plow is currently in use on hundreds of ballast cars and is revolutionizing the Maintenance of Way process.

Engineering Support to Install an Industrial Track Spur

Starfire was commissioned to develop the engineering specification document and production drawings package necessary to install an industrial track spur to service a new production facility being constructed in an Air Center in Kansas. The track spur is used for unloading edible oils from tank cars. Given the nature of the topography adjacent to the plant site, the project required careful provisions for adequate drainage of the work site. The new track spur is connected to track operated by the Air Center, which then connects to the nearby Class One main line.

Trackwork Drawings for Construction

A Midwest manufacturer of railroad trackwork engaged Starfire Engineering to design and develop prints for manufacture of a track diamond crossing for a major Southern regional railroad. The prints were developed on Starfire’s CAD system, and consisted of an overall completed plan view in accordance with the applicable American Railway Engineering Association’s plan specification, plus dimensioned detail prints of the component parts for the crossing.